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Aithre Illyrian Smart Oximeter - With iOS App - White

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2020 Aviation Consumer Magazine Editor's Choice Award for Innovation

The Illyrian smart oximeter was born in aviation where precision blood oxygen monitoring is critical to the safety of flight.  The Illyrian was specifically designed for the high activity environment of busy cockpits and significant ambient light where the hands-free feature and continuity of measurements is important despite movement.  

Now we're bringing you the same technology usable in hiking, skiing, and mountaineering to provide constant, forehead-placement always-on pulse oximeter readings to your iOS device and Apple Watch.  The Illyrian performs well in these high movement activities due to a thin sensor pad worn that is placed on your forehead away from your hands and near the warm blood within your head that comes from deep within your body.  Meaning, you get constant readings over many hours despite activity or cold temperatures.

The oximeter readings are broadcast wirelessly to your Apple phone and Apple watch using the Aithre Connect app.  Power is provided via USB and the included long-lasting portable power bank, for days of constant monitoring.


  • Oximeter sensor with wireless data and USB power
  • Sport headband for forehead placement
  • USB power bank with small flashlight
  • Aithre Air iOS app and WatchOS companion App


  • Accurate readings during activity & movement
  • Forehead placement not affected by cold temperatures
  • Pad made from water-resistant material
  • Sensor coated with water-resistant epoxy
  • Continuous SPO2 and BPM 12 hours of trends
  • In-app stored trip history for 3 most recent activities
  • Auto CSV files provided in your iOS FILES app after each adventure
  • Siri/popup notifications for drops below 85 and 92 percent SPO2 or other custom defined level
  • SPO2 graphed against altitude, heart rate, and atmospheric percentage
  • Compatible with Aithre Altus Meso portable oxygen bottle monitor
  • Designed and made in Ketchum, Idaho (6000 MSL)

NOTICE: Our products are not suitable for medical treatment and have not been evaluated by the FDA for treating or preventing any health condition or disease.  Our products are not suitable for coronavirus treatment.  All Aithre products have been designed and engineered solely for active and healthy individuals for high altitude training, sport, and wellness.