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Aithre Altus Avi

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Inspired by our aviation roots, the Aithre Altus Avi is the first oxygen system for  avalanche packs.  The system works with either the Aithre 47L bottle or the Aithre 152L bottle and includes all the electronics and plumbing required to provide on demand oxygen flow without removing your backpack.

Use the Altus Avi in the side and backcountry for avalanche safety to provide 99.99% pure oxygen to support breathing in an event of burial.  The 99.99% pure oxygen mixes with exhaled carbon dioxide and flushes out nitrogen to increase the duration of breathing well beyond the typical 5-15 minute life expectancy.  

The Altus Avi is battery powered using 4 3.7V rechargeable Lithium batteries and operates using two independent flow lines to improve oxygen dispersion and provide redundancy to minimize risks of failure.  The cannula line is operated using a push button electronic flow control with a low wattage electromagnetic valve.  Another independent chest dispenser is controlled via a manual oversized butterfly valve to bypass the electronics in the event of battery failure.  Both lines operate to provide pure oxygen in the vicinity of the nose, mouth, and chest area.  

The duration of oxygen flow is either 2 or 5 hours for the 47L and the 152L bottle sizes respectively.  


  • Electronic housing with control unit and quick release fittings for plumbing and cannula
  • Illuminated oxygen push button
  • Dual prong soft cannula for cold temperatures
  • Backup manual line with plumbing, butterfly valve, and right angle nozzle bypassing electronics for independent oxygen flow
  • 4 14500 rechargeable Lithium batteries for 5 hrs of flow time
  • Battery charger
  • Neoprene cannula pouch
  • Retrofitting your existing avalanche bag to thread the push button through available shoulder strap conduits


  • Aithre 47L or 152L carbon fiber oxygen bottle
  • Avalanche pack
  • Aithre cascade oxygen filling system


The Aithre oxygen bottles ship empty and must be self-filled using our cascade oxygen filling system.  The transfilling setup includes two large 685L aluminum oxygen cylinders and a transfilling hose.  We fill and ship the two cylinders to full and the transfilling hose is used to fill the smaller 47L and 152L Aithre oxygen bottles many times.  The two cylinders can be refilled by Aithre in the mail or at your local general aviation airport with a flight service station (FBO) providing oxygen service.