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Aithre Altus Meso Wireless Pressure/Flow Gauge - With iOS App - Black

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WARNING: Do not use any unapproved fittings on your oxygen bottle as the fittings Aithre provides are special high-pressure fittings designed to withstand 5000 plus PSI. Aithre fittings are designed for oxygen tank use.  Hardware store fittings are only rated to 100-300 PSI, which is not sufficient.   

The Altus Meso is the second generation Altus smart monitor from Aithre with all the same innovative functionality now packaged in a miniature form factor.  Born in aviation, the Altus Meso provides critical oxygen level information to help keep pilots and passengers safe.  Now adapted for skiing, backcountry, and mountaineering, the Altus Meso wirelessly pairs to your iOS device and Apple Watch to display pressure and notifications of low oxygen.  This small device makes your portable oxygen bottle more usable and accessible so you can track exactly how much oxygen you are using and how much you have left without removing your bottle from your pack.


  • High-pressure quick-disconnect sensor
  • High pressure-rated expansion to optionally keep manual pressure gauge
  • USB power bank
  • Aithre Air iOS/WatchOS app downloadable from the Apple App Store


  • iOS/WatchOS app with Siri voice notifications
  • Detects pressure changes with a resolution of 10psi between 100-2500 PSI
  • Updated pressure readings are sampled every 12 seconds
  • Siri notices when oxygen drops below 500psi or other custom defined level
  • USB power and wireless communication
  • Supports manual gauge backup
  • Works with your Aithre Illyrian to provide wearable constant pulse oximetry data
  • Designed and made in Ketchum, Idaho (6000 MSL)

NOTICE: Our products are not suitable for medical treatment and have not been evaluated by the FDA for treating or preventing any health condition or disease.  Our products are not suitable for coronavirus treatment.  All Aithre products have been designed and engineered solely for active and healthy individuals for high altitude training, sport, and wellness.